Surbambú advises, operates and manages commercial bamboo plantations, ensuring sustainable supply of raw materials of the highest quality in the bamboo industry. From selecting the right species and plant propagation, to its field crop and transformation to the final product, Surbambú generates profitable solutions.

With our technical and field experience to bring projects and process related to bamboo to reality, Surbambú offers business opportunities with high returns to holders of land for forestry, wood industry or equity investors, in a framework of respect for the environment and social responsibility.

In the global economy of a borderless world, Surbambú began operating in 2016 in the Mexican tropics, within the range of bamboo, to meet and substitute the growing demand for tropical hardwood, renewable fiber for pulp and paper, or biomass to produce clean energy in Europe and North America.

In the end, Surbambú creates business opportunities, establishes jobs and economical development, and is using the most efficient carbon crop as fastest wooden grass on earth: bamboo.